Welcome to Lahl & Egan Consulting

Suzanne Lahl, MSOD and Terri Egan, PhD Suzanne Lahl, MSOD and Terri Egan, PhD

We are dedicated to helping individuals, coaches, leaders and teams achieve sustainable and transformational change via INSIGHT. Our approach uniquely reflects three decades of experience, evidence-based research and the latest discoveries in neuroscience.

Research shows that over 70% of change efforts fail. Why is it so difficult to sustain change both personally and professionally? It’s a brain thing. Your mindset impacts your ability to orchestrate change. Is your mindset prepared to take you and your organization where you want to go? 

Transform Your Mindset — Expand Your Impact

Mindsets include the beliefs, values and attitudes that shape your interpretations and actions. They operate like internal maps that help you navigate and make sense of your inner and outer worlds. Like any map, they can be helpful, but they can also hinder you. By transforming your mindset, you can expand your impact at home, at work and in the greater world. To do this, however, you need insight — the currency of mindset change.

Leading In A VUCA World 

Research suggests that less than 10 percent of us have the leadership mindset required to meet the demands of a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambigiuous (VUCA) world. A mindset that embraces ambiguity and uncertainty, is agile in perspective taking, and values interdependence over dependence or independence. We call this gap the complexity gap. In our short article,  Bridging the Complexity Gap: Leading Effectively in a VUCA World, you can learn more about the 4 leadership capabilities that can help you bridge the gap for yourself and for your organization. 

Leadership Development

Lahl & Egan Consulting supports the transformational leadership mindset. We assist leaders from all sectors to:

  • Evolve beyond habitual beliefs and action patterns.
  • Attune to self and others to leverage the transformational power of emotions.
  • Turn uncertainty and ambiguity into an opportunity for learning.
  • Expand capacity to lead effective change.

Teams and Network Development

Organizations depend on teams and networks to deliver key results. Optimal team dynamics begin with intellectually and emotionally wise individuals who can foster a healthy, effective collective capacity.

Multi-Stakeholder Collaborations

The complex challenges facing multi-stakeholder collaborations call for uncommon individual wisdom and maturity as well as a mindset of connectedness. Collaborations within and among business, civil society and government must leverage complementary and diverse capabilities to build shared perspectives, engender trust and inspire co-creative initiatives.

Coaching for Insight

Our coaching approach is based on the latest findings from neuroscience research.    We work with the mind to change the brain and this changes mindsets (a set of beliefs or way of thinking that shapes ones behavior, outlook, and mental attitude).  Changing mindsets requires learning from experience.